Artist Pam Page.

Three years ago a group of girlfriends were sitting around sharing a bottle of wine (to this day we still call ourselves "The Vino Vixens") and admiring the beaded jewelry that our friend Sue makes. We asked her if she would show us how to make simple beaded necklaces and Wa La - here I am today.

It seemed so hard at first to string the beads and crimp those little tubes. I thought I would never accomplish that. But as they say "Practice makes perfect" - well, almost perfect!
Soon after I started taking a few enameling classes, bought a few videos, and started learning new techniques. I realized that maybe stringing beads wasn't my passion in life - but torching metal - NOW THAT WAS FUN!! Watching the metal take on new properties, changing right before my eyes, turning beautiful colors, it was just amazing.

Now when you walk into my studio, aka the garage, it's hard to believe that all those tools you see are mine and don't belong to my husband. Even our male friends are in awe.

I continue to learn new techniques through videos, classes, practice, mistakes and asking the pros a lot of questions. I have a saying now hanging in my studio that says "PERFECTION IS NOT WELCOME HERE!" It takes the stress off thinking that every piece that comes out of the studio has to be absolutely perfect - it doesn't. The piece has to make me proud, happy to have made it, and knowing that someone else out there will enjoy it just as much as I do.  I think of myself as just a crafty Ohio gal transplanted out to beautiful Napa Valley and living the dream. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it!