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Meet artium designs

At heart I am just a gal from Ohio.  But after living here in California for the last 33 years, I can almost call myself a native Californian.  And now that we moved to the beautiful wine country of Napa 8 years ago, life is even better.  I get so much inspiration from the beautiful blue skies, the hot air balloons overhead, the gorgeous colors of the changing vineyards and all the wonderful visitors that come to enjoy our wines!


I have a wonderful husband of 40 years who designs magnificent custom homes here in the SF Bay Area (  He totally supports me in my wild adventure into making jewelry.  I also have a great group of girlfriends called "Vino Vixens", aptly named because we love our wine and we think we are foxy!

My foray into jewelry making began about 6 years ago with bead stringing taught to me by my Vino Vixen friend Sue.  She was making beautiful beaded pieces while I could barely crimp a bead!  But that lead to many more classes and learning so many new techniques using all sorts of mediums.  

Today my studio is in my garage and it would rival any handyman's garage!  It includes a large kiln, band saw, large anvil, 4 dremel drills, a drill press, torch station, 3 additional work stations, a work desk - and oh, a wine refrigerator of course.

The main metals I use are sheet and wire in brass, copper, sterling silver, and Argentium silver.  I love adding enamel onto my pieces as well as other found objects like keys, stones, rivets, washers, and bits and pieces of scrap metal.  Recently I've started exploring burning metal with a hand torch - almost to the point of melting.  It's amazing the colors you can achieve.  I also love to weave wire, although the eyes are getting a little tired for that.

I hope you like my jewelry and will pass my website on to your friends.  I also have an Etsy shop that gives me another avenue for selling.  You can always contact me for a custom piece too.  The picture on the right is my puppy Madison.  She's a 17 month old Bernedoodle (Bernese Mtn. Dog/Poodle) and the love of my life.  She loves sitting at my feet while I make jewelry in my studio.  She is so loving and patient.  Enjoy and CHEERS!

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