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Just about everything in Napa is about the wine so I thought I should recycle wine barrels and corks.


This bracelet is made from the inside of a barrel stave (wood slat).  They are such a beautiful reddish brown color - and even smell of wine!  I seal the wood with a spray sealer so that it won't damage if it gets wet.


After cutting the wood into a 3/4" round piece, I surrounded it in a 22g sterling silver bezel that I made by hand.  The band is handmade from 8g sterling silver wire that was flattened and then soldered on.  I call these my statement bracelets because they get a lot of compliments and look so good on. 


This bracelet is 1" wide and has a 2.5" center opening. 


It does have a little give if you need to squeeze it a little tighter around your wrist.  Always put the bracelet on on the thinest side of your wrist (thumb-side up).  Then twist around to the top and squeeze slightly.

Barrel 3

  • This bracelet is made from either real wood or a wine cork and sterling silver or Argentium silver.  The wood/cork is sealed so it won't get damaged in water.  Argentium silver usually won't tarnish, but I can't say "never".  Sterling silver may tarnish so just use a good polishing cloth if it does.  The bracelet comes with an anti-tarnish pad which should be kept with the piece when not being worn.

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