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I LOVE TO WIRE JEWELRY!  There - I said it in all caps so you know it's true!  It has a very calming affect on me.  It might be a little hard on the eyes, but I still love to do it.


All of my wired pieces are made from copper, brass, sterling silver or Argentium wire.  Most of them are 20g, 22g and 28g wire.  I love adding beads or other objects I've bought or found.  


This necklace reminds me of a cocoon that is holding a little surprise on the inside which is 8 little copper balls.  This piece was wired with 22g and 28g copper wire and then dipped in a patina to bring out the details.  It is 1 1/4" wide by 2" long and hangs 13" from a copper plated brass chain with a copper hook and eye clasp. 


Cocoon 3

  • This necklace is made from copper wire and then sealed but may tarnish if not store properly.  An anti-tarnish pad comes with the piece and should be kept together to prevent tarnishing.  A soft jewelry cleaning cloth should be sufficient if needed.

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