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So simple - but so elegant!!


A piece of 22g Argentium silver sheet was run through the rolling mill with a beautiful block pattern, then cut 1/24" wide by 1 1/2" and 2" long strips.  These were then soldered onto a strip of 12g silver wire.  A patina was applied to darken and accentuate the pattern.  


The necklace hangs 19" (chain length is 35" long).  There is no clasp, necklace slips over the head.  Chain length can be shortened - see Product Options for lengths.


Dual Blocks

  • Argentium silver is very tarnish resistant.  However, an anti-tarnish pad is included with this piece and should be stored together when not being worn.  A good jewelry polishing cloth should remove any tarnish if it appears.

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