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Copper is such a fun medium to work with.  It anneals (heats) well, colors beautifully if torched, and shines up easily.


I call this ring "Dusty Road" and like my ring "Parched", reminds me of a road where I walk my dog.  After a hard rain one day it had dried in this unique pattern and I just needed to make a ring to remember that.


It's made from 22g copper sheet that was hammered to achieve the pattern.  A patina was applied to accentuate the patterns.


The ring fits a size 5.


Dusty Road

  • All of my rings are sealed with a paste wax or spray sealer to help prevent tarnish.  Use a high quality jewelry polishing cloth if needed.  A small anti-tarnish pad is included with the purchase and should be kept with the ring.  I always suggest removing rings before washing hands or dipping them in any liquids.

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