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I call this ring Scrolling 6 because it is actually a "spinner" ring.  The center silver piece spins around the outer sterling silver base.  A lot of people call this a "worry" ring and they spin it versus twirling their hair or biting their nails when worried.


The outer ring is 3/8" wide and was run through a rolling mill to achieve the pattern.  The center spinner is 1/8" wide and is sterling silver wire that was also run through the rolling mill.  A patina was applied to accentuate the patterns.


The ring fits a size 8 to 8.5.

Scrolling 6

  • Copper and silver will tarnish if not treated and stored properly.  Use a high quality jewelry polishing cloth if needed.  A small anti-tarnish pad is included with the purchase and should be kept with the ring.  I always suggest removing rings before washing hands or dipping them in any liquids.

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