I LOVE TO WEAVE WIRE!  Weaving wire is very labor intensive, but it's a great thing to do while listening to music or watching TV.  Keeps my hands busy!


This bracelet is made from 18g, 22g and 28g sterling silver wire.  The internal structure is 18g and 22g wire that acts as a brace to strengthen the piece.  Then 18g wire ends were flattened and punched so it can be wired closed.  The rest is just weaving 28g wire around the 2 pieces and then wiring a blue glass bead on at the closure.  Then I twisted the wire for some added interest.


The bracelet is 2 7/8" wide and would fit over an 8" hand that is measured at the knuckles.

Silver Weave

  • Copper and sterling silver bracelets will tarnish if not taken care of properly.  I usually do NOT seal sterling silver wired bracelets.  If I used Argentium silver, the Description section will mention that and it will not tarnish.  Some bracelets may have been dipped in a patina to darken.  If that is the case, then I do seal it to keep the patina in tact.  An anti-tarnish pad comes with the piece and should be kept with it when not being worn.  Use a good polishing cloth if tarnishing occurs.