My first foray into jewelry was learning to enamel.  It is quite a tediuos endeavor, but well worth the efforts.  


These earrings were made from 20g sterling silver that was cut into ovals.  They are 5/8" wide by 3/4" long.  I hand torched both blue and brown enamel onto the pieces.  Very tricky because silver melts so easily!  The little legs are 20g sterling silver wire with 3 sterling silver beads added for interest.


The earring hangs 1 1/4" from the top of the handmade 20g sterling silver earwires.

Walk Away

  • All of my earring are sealed with a paste wax or spray sealer to help prevent tarnish.  Use a high quality jewelry polishing cloth if needed.  A small anti-tarnish pad is included with the purchase and should be kept with the earrings.  

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