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This was such a fun neclace to make.  A piece of 22g sterling silver sheet was cut 1 1/4" wide at one end and 1" wide at the other end.  The piece is folded lengthwise around a very small wooden dowel and then put into a vise.  The dowel is removed and the top is hammered flat.  A small hammer was used to give it a unique texture on top.  The final piece ends up 1" wide and tapers to 7/8" wide.  A patina was applied to darken and accentuate the marks. 


A small store bought heart-shaped charm was added for extra interest.


The necklace hangs 11 1/2" from a sterling silver chain with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.


There is a matching pair of earrings named "Table Talk" that cost $ 45.   If the earrings and necklace are purchased together at the same time the cost is $ 80.00.  See Product Options to purchase the set.



Table Talk 2

  • Sterling silver may tarnish if not stored properly.  An anti-tarnish pad is included with this piece and should be stored together when not being worn.  A good jewelry polishing cloth should remove any tarnish if it appears.

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