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I always joke that you can tell how well I love a bracelet I made by the number of pictures on the website - and this is one of my favorites!!  It has so many diferent beautiful textures to look at - it really shines on the wrist.


Sterling silver is such an amazing metal.  It's strong but is easy to hammer, etch, texture, roll, and torch and still be shined back to brilliant!  Lately I've been working with argentium silver sheet and wire, which is stronger and is very tarnish resistant.


This bracelet was made from a single 1 1/8" wide piece of Argentium silver sheet.  After annealing it was run through a rolling mill with a piece of sanding paper to apply the beautiful rough texture.  Another smaller piece of Argentium was also run through the rolling mill with a leaf pattern.  I soldered a piece of half-round wire down the spine of the leaf for added interest.  A patina was applied to bring out the texture of the piece.  Since it is Argentium it does not need to be sealed to prevent tarnish.


The pieces measures 1 1/8" wide with a 2 1/4" center opening.


  • Even though this is Argentium silver and should not tarnish, I do send an anti-tarnish pad with each piece which should be kept with the bracelet when not worn.

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